Which Utility Farm Quad Bike Should I Choose?

27 July 2021 11:52


When it comes to choosing a utility farm quad bike, we’ve got lots in stock!

And with all the different features, designs and even power, we thought you needed a good place to start to learn more about the quad bikes we have.

So in this article, we’ll take a look at 3 utility farm quad bikes to showcase all the features and help you make a buyers decision.

TGB Blade 520SL

Starting off with the TGB Blade 520SL this is our budget-friendly option in the utility farm quad bike range.

And even at £5,699, it gives you a good idea of how expensive good quality farm quad bikes can cost.

But as most farmers know, equipment is needed and more often than not, doesn’t come cheap!

So let’s take a look at what the 520SL has to offer.

4-Stroke single-cylinder engine, 503cc of power, fully automatic, 2/4 wheel drive selectable, top speed of 40HP (off-road) and comes with both a tow hitch and winch.

And there are more features we haven’t mentioned, but for the price, plus the features you get, added to the fact that the TGB Blade series is a worldwide bestseller for over 20 years and you get an all-around high-quality farm quad bike.

SMC Max 700

TGB does dominate when it comes to utility farm quad bikes. But not so fast!

SMC Quads have their own range of farm quad bikes that have to be noticed.

And the SMC Max 700 is the best place to start. Coming in at around £6,499 this mid-range quad bike handles everything in its path.

So whether it’s pouring down with rain and you need to get across a muddy field to winch out a stuck vehicle or even if the weather is fine but the unstable incline, decline of your terrain is standing in your way, rest assured that the SMC Max 700 will do its job to get you to where you need to be.

675cc of power, 2/4 wheel drive selectable, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, 51HP (off-road) and with everything else you’d expect from a quad of this quality, it has it, more or less.

So if you’re looking for a mid-range quad with all the features, power and style look no further than the SMC Max 700.

TGB LandMaster 600

Finally, the TGB LandMaster 600 really is the ultimate tool for any farm or smallholding.

It’s the real deal and we’ll show you why.

561cc of power, 2/4 wheel drive selectable, fully automatic, 43HP (off-road), tow hitch, winch, electric power steering and everything you’d expect and more from TGB. The LandMaster delivers.

The rear cargo tray opens on 3 sides which makes loading and unloading even easier. So if you need to transport tools or even injured livestock in emergencies, the TGB LandMaster is fully equipped for such tasks.

Find Your Nearest Dealer Today

Now that you have a good idea of each of these utility farm quad bikes, you can find your nearest dealer by entering your postcode on the product page to go visit the quad bikes in store to see which one would be best for your farm.

And whichever you end up going with, if you buy from Dualways you can rest assured that we only stock high-quality, top of the range quad bikes for all your farming needs.

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