The New Amped A20 Has Arrived

17 April 2023 12:27


The all-new A20 is the perfect next step in the journey of an Amped bike rider. 

As with all the rest of the Amped range, the new A20 is fitted with a direct-drive rear hub motor. 

This is the perfect fit as it is direct power to the rear wheel, has no maintenance and is silent! 

In this article, we’ll look at the new features of the Amped A20 Balance Bike.


The A20 is powered by a 36v 5.0AH quick-release battery giving 300w power to the back wheel. 


Regarding the throttle response, it’s fantastic for an electric balance bike with 15km/h and a boost of 32km/h. And you’ll notice it when you start riding the bike, we’re confident that you’ll be surprised at how much power this electric bike will have! 


Noticeably bigger than the previous models of the Amped A10 and A16, the A20 brings another overhaul in terms of design, looking closer to the A16 than the A10, as Amped are moving towards older riders from 7-12+ years. 

In terms of aesthetics, it bares much resemblance to the A16, especially with the different colour options. So for visual design, nothing much has changed, it’s more inside the bike where you’ll see the upgrades. 

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