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Segway Villain SX10 x If you are looking for the Ultimate vehicle for on and off road pleasure then you need look no further. The villain boasts a whole stack of key features including a 10.4” sma... FULL DESCRIPTION

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Segway Villain SX10 x


If you are looking for the Ultimate vehicle for on and off road pleasure then you need look no further. The villain boasts a whole stack of key features including a 10.4” smart touch screen, on the fly adjustable power steering plus Segways patented Smart moving App technology, including the only factory fitted tracking system on the market.


The buggy is powered by a parallel Twin 1000cc DOHC engine that makes just over 105BHP in unrestricted off road form.


If you are looking for a go-anywhere, head-turning sports SSV, then the Segway Villain is the only choice!


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105bhp parallel twin cylinder engine

Experience the pinnacle of power and performance with the Segway Villain SX10 equipped with a ground-breaking 105bhp parallel twin-cylinder engine. Designed to deliver an adrenaline-fueled ride like no other, this exceptional machine takes your off-road adventures to exhilarating new heights. The 105bhp parallel twin-cylinder engine is the beating heart of the Segway Villain SX10, providing unmatched power and acceleration. Feel the surge of energy as you unleash the full potential of this high-performance engine, propelling you forward with incredible force and speed. Built with precision engineering and advanced technology, the parallel twin-cylinder design ensures optimal performance and smooth operation. Each cylinder works in perfect harmony, delivering a balanced power delivery and an impressive torque curve that will leave you breathless.

Tow Bar & Winch

The tow bar provides you with the capability to tow heavy loads with ease. Whether you need to transport equipment, haul supplies, or assist with farm chores, our tow bar is built to handle the job. With its rugged construction and secure attachment, you can trust that your cargo will stay in place, even over rough terrain. Coupled with the tow bar, our powerful winch adds an extra level of utility to your quad. Designed to effortlessly handle heavy lifting and pulling, the winch provides the strength you need to overcome challenging obstacles. From removing fallen trees to rescuing stuck vehicles, the winch is a reliable companion in any tough situation.

2/4 Wheel Drive Selectable

With the ability to switch between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive, you have the flexibility to optimize your quad's traction and manoeuvrability based on the conditions you encounter. Conquer challenging landscapes and navigate through muddy fields with confidence, knowing that you can effortlessly switch to 4-wheel drive when additional traction is needed. Experience the freedom to tackle any job with ease. Upgrade your agricultural quad with our 2/4 Wheel Drive Selectable system and unlock a new level of versatility and capability. Increase your productivity and efficiency on the field, knowing that you have the power to adapt to any situation.


Elevate your off-road riding experience with the Segway Villain SX10 equipped with an advanced EPS (Electric Power Steering) system. This cutting-edge technology enhances control and manoeuvrability, allowing you to conquer any terrain with confidence and precision. The EPS system on the Segway Villain SX10 delivers effortless steering, making every turn and manoeuvre smooth and responsive. Say goodbye to the strain of manual steering and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Whether you're navigating through tight trails or tackling rugged terrains, the EPS system ensures precise handling and optimal stability. With the EPS system, you can confidently take on challenging obstacles and tight corners, knowing that the Segway Villain SX10 will respond to your commands with precision. This advanced system adapts to different riding conditions, providing the perfect level of assistance when needed. Experience enhanced control and enjoy a seamless connection between rider and machine.

Touch Screen Display:

The touch screen display on the Segway Villain puts control at your fingertips. With its intuitive interface and vibrant visuals, you can easily access and customize various settings to suit your preferences. From adjusting power modes to monitoring battery levels and tracking vital statistics, the touch screen display provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Stay informed and connected with real-time data displayed on the touch screen. Monitor your speed, distance travelled, and remaining battery life with a quick glance. Effortlessly navigate through different menus and options, thanks to the responsive and intuitive touch functionality. But the touch screen display on the Segway Villain offers more than just data and controls. It also provides a platform for entertainment and connectivity. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to access your favourite music playlists or receive notifications on the go. With the touch screen display, your riding experience becomes not only exhilarating but also enjoyable and connected.

Brakes Four-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake
Cooling SystemDuel Oil Column Piston Cooling System + Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System
Dimensions L / W / H334cm x 163cm x 180cm
Drive System On-Demand 2WD / 4WD - Front Diff Lock
Dry Weight Mass835Kg
Engine Type1000cc Liquid Cooled Twin Cylinder Engine 4 Stroke - DOHC Engine
FeaturesApp Connectivity
FeaturesTFT Dash
FeaturesTouch Screen Interface (10.4")
FrameHigh Strength Alloy Steel Frame
Front Suspension & TravelDual A-Arm with stabiliser bar - Front Travel: 40cm
Front Tyre Size29x9.00R14
Fuel SystemEFI - Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity44L
Ground Clearance34cm
Rear Suspension & TravelMulti-link trailing arm with stabiliser bar - Rear Travel: 45cm
Rear Tyre Size29x11.00R14
Shocks Gas Shocks
Start TypeElectric Start
Tow Hitch Tow Ball & Hitch
Transmission TypeCVTech Automatic
Wheel Size14 Inch
Winch Yes



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