Segway Snarler ATV6 B Grey/Black


£6999.00(INC. VAT)
Segway Snarler AT6This new stripped back version of the ATV6 is designed for the agricultural/small holdings customer.  Fitted with steel wheels and metal racks, this T3 Homologated ATV is very co... FULL DESCRIPTION

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Segway Snarler AT6

This new stripped back version of the ATV6 is designed for the agricultural/small holdings customer.  Fitted with steel wheels and metal racks, this T3 Homologated ATV is very competitively priced but still boats a host of the great Segway features, including the only factory fitted tracking system on the market.


  • EPS

  • 4 Disc Brake

  • Handlebar Guard

  • 2500lb Winch

  • LED Lamp

  • Front Bumper

  • Front & Rear Steel Rack

  • Hitch Ball And Mounting Device

  • Cvtech


  • TBOX (Hardware For Smart Feature)

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TBOX (Hardware For Smart Feature)

Introducing the revolutionary module that seamlessly connects your Segway ATV, UTV, or SSV with the Segway Powersports app. The intelligent interaction between the Segway Powersports app and your vehicle opens a world of endless possibilities. Gain control and convenience with real-time data on battery status, speed, mileage, and more through the Smart Commanding System (SCS). With the introduction of the live tracker, peace of mind is ensured as you can track your vehicle's location in real time. Additionally, you can plan routes, optimize performance, and embark on thrilling adventures. Explore uncharted territories confidently, with the Segway Powersports app enhancing every aspect of your ride.

Power Steering

Designed to enhance productivity and ease of use, our power steering system is the perfect addition to your hardworking machine. Tackle challenging terrains and navigate tight spaces with precision and control. Say goodbye to arm fatigue and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient ride. Our power steering system is specifically engineered to ensure you get a reliable performance in demanding environments. With improved responsiveness and stability, you'll have the confidence to handle any task with ease. Maximize your productivity and minimize downtime with our reliable power steering system.

2/4 Wheel Drive Selectable

With the ability to switch between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive, you have the flexibility to optimize your quad's traction and manoeuvrability based on the conditions you encounter. Conquer challenging landscapes and navigate through muddy fields with confidence, knowing that you can effortlessly switch to 4-wheel drive when additional traction is needed. Experience the freedom to tackle any job with ease. Upgrade your agricultural quad with our 2/4 Wheel Drive Selectable system and unlock a new level of versatility and capability. Increase your productivity and efficiency on the field, knowing that you have the power to adapt to any situation.

Tow bar & Winch

The tow bar provides you with the capability to tow heavy loads with ease. Whether you need to transport equipment, haul supplies, or assist with farm chores, our tow bar is built to handle the job. With its rugged construction and secure attachment, you can trust that your cargo will stay in place, even over rough terrain. Coupled with the tow bar, our powerful winch adds an extra level of utility to your quad. Designed to effortlessly handle heavy lifting and pulling, the winch provides the strength you need to overcome challenging obstacles. From removing fallen trees to rescuing stuck vehicles, the winch is a reliable companion in any tough situation.

Brakes Four-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake
Cooling SystemDuel Oil Column Piston Cooling System + Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System
Dimensions L / W / H220cm x 128cm x 132cm
Drive Type 2/4 Wheel Drive Selectable
Engine Type4-Stroke Single Cylinder
FrameHigh-strength chromium-molybdenum steel frame
Front Suspension & TravelDual A-Arm - Front Travel 18cm
Front Tyre Size26 x 8-14
Ground Clearance27cm
Horsepower44hp (OFF ROAD)
Net Weight390kg
Rear Suspension & TravelDual A-Arm - Rear Travel 21cm
Rear Tyre Size26 x 10-14
Start TypeElectric Start
Tow Hitch Tow Ball & Hitch
Transmission TypeCVTech Automatic
Wheel Size14 Inch
Wheel TypeSteel



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